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Bring home any new friend from the Spirit Binding category & get your choice FREE!

Reverse Adoption Spirit Companion Binding

You will receive 1 Reverse Adoption Spirit Companion binding in the same Arts & Class selection as the paid binding on your order.

Custom Conjuration Spirit Companion Binding

You will receive 1 Custom Conjuration Spirit Companion binding in the same Arts & Class selection as the paid binding on your order.

Custom Immortal Companion Binding

You will receive 1 Custom Immortal binding in the same Class selection as the paid binding on your order.

Ancestral & Past Life Activation of Non-Human DNA Binding

This spell aligns you with non-human DNA that exists through your ancestry or past lives. This enchantment is a stimulation and activation of the non-human connections which you have, revealing them through telepathy, visions, or lucid dreams. As you work with this binding, it continually reveals connections and ties that exist throughout the Universe for you with non-human DNA. This can help you understand connections to paths of magick that you have in this life. It can also help you manifest new connections, abilities, gifts, and revelations related to opportunities in this life.

Activation Code Word: Eszet (Eh-zett)

Deactivation Code Word: Harames (Hah-ram-ehz)

Bewitched Body

You will receive a random selection of one of our Bewitched Body products.

Blind, Deaf, and Blocked Service

You will receive an intense service that is meant to remove any blockages that hinder you from communicating and interacting with spirits in your spirit family.


You will receive an Infusion of your choice (please put in the Notes your selection), or we will choose an Infusion for you. Our Infusionsare one of our most popular bindings as they can provide great support to your supernatural goals and/or help you bond & work with spirits.

Mortal Magick Tattoo

You will receive a random selection of one of our Mortal Magick Tattoo products.

Mystery Bag

You will receive one of our famous Mystery Bags which will hold a special binding just for you! Our Mystery Bags have spells that are in the shop & not in the shop, and can be bindings of any value all the way up to $2,000!

NewSpell & Service

You will receive a brand new enchantment and service that is not available in the shop yet, that allows you to participate with your new spirit friend on a personal level you've never experienced before.

Paranormal Service

You will receive a random selection of one of our Paranormal Services.

Past Life Spirit Alignment Binding

This enchantment is specific to your past lives and any past lives that were lived as a non-human being. With specific emphasis put onto lives that were lived as powerful beings (Angels, Elves, Fae, Giants, Merfolk, Unicorns, Vampires, Werewolves, etc.) this is a binding that reconnects you with that past life and helps you to use those gifts and energies to connect with spirits of the same species that you keep as a companion in this life.

Activation Code Word: Marizo (Mar-ee-zoh)

Deactivation Code Word: Fanatisi (Fan-ah-tee-zee)

Select For Me

You will receive a random free service, spell, or club binding for you.

Spell Binding

You will receive a random selection from our Spell Binding category, a custom spell, or an unlisted spell in the shop.

Spirit Awakening Binding

There is a resonating, spiritual power that comes with this binding that allows you to connect with your inner gifts & abilities that allow you to work with spiritual magick and power. This binding is intended to help you awaken spiritual gifts and open doors for communication when it comes to spiritual connection, wisdom, and work with spiritual energies and magick.

Activation Code Word: Cedlos (Sed-lohz)

Deactivation Code Word: Payarka (Pay-ar-kah)

Spirit Communication & Interaction Connection Binding

If you choose this binding, it will be unique to each spirit companion in your order. The magick of the binding is specific to enhancing the ability for you to communicate & interact with your new spirit companion. This binding is specific to each spirit, and enhances communication via all channels; Telepathy, Pendulum, Tarot, Scrying, Lucid Dreams, Visions, etc.

Activation Code Word: Rysai (Rye-zay)

Deactivation Code Word: Vermana (Vur-mah-nah)

Spirit Teaching & Guidance Binding

This binding is a connection for you and your new spirit companion to have a special connection that is specific to learning from them & being guided in your journey. This binding provides an Astral or Spiritual Realm level connection & unique space for you both to work together through meditation, or sleep cycle. This allows you to explore more about their lifetime and experiences, as well as you being a teacher and guide to them from your life's perspective. This is a binding unique to each spirit companion, as the space created through this binding is unique to each spirit companion.

Because this is unique to each spirit companion, you will receive Code Words specific to each spirit for this magick.

Spiritual Connection Via Astral Travel Service

This scheduled service empowers your ability to connection, interact, and communicate with spirit companions during Astral Travel. The service provides ongoing support and guidance for you to connect and interact with your spirit companions during Astral Travel sessions via sleep cycle or meditation.

Spirit Companionship & Revelation Enchantment & Service

This is first performed as a service for your spirit & yourself, bringing a closer connection and relationship based on your shared traits, characteristics, and personality quirks. It also helps identify any past life or ancestral ties that you may share, whether it's you both knowing each other in a past life, or even your ancestors knowing each other. This helps create a more personal bond between you, and the enchantment you will receive on the vessel keeps the harmonious connection and bond closer and tighter between the two of you, promoting a lifetime of friendship and companionship.

This will not be fulfilled unless you have a new Spirit Companion binding from the Spirit Bindings category on your order. There is a limit of 10 BOGOs per order for this offer. BOGO vessels are gemstones, if you would like to upgrade your BOGO vessel, you can use this listing, please leave a specific note as to the BOGO in the order for the vessel upgrade. If your selection is not equal or lesser than the binding purchased, then a selection will be made for you. We will fulfill up to 10 qualifying BOGO requests per order, if more than 10 BOGOs are requested it is to our discretion whether or not to fulfill the request; any over the limit of 10 will be replaced with a freebie from this offer.

This offer is good July 01-31, 2024, or as long as this listing is visible in the Free Gifts category & is capable of being added to your cart.

Creepy Hollows > Creepy Hollows Freebies > BOGO Free (2024)
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