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Del Taco serves breakfast on weekends from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. These extended hours allow ample time for weekend breakfast cravings.

Craving an early bite or a late brunch? Del Taco has your back with its weekend breakfast hours suitable for both early birds and late risers. Whether you fancy their famous Breakfast Tacos or a full Breakfast Roller, Del Taco’s offerings are designed to kickstart your weekend mornings with a delicious and affordable option.

Despite a crowded fast food marketplace, Del Taco distinguishes itself by providing a diverse breakfast menu that’s available well into the evening. This ensures that no matter what your Saturday or Sunday schedule looks like, there’s always time for a savory breakfast experience. Remember, with Del Taco’s flexible hours, your weekend breakfast can even become your weekend dinner!

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Del Taco Breakfast Weekends

Del Taco fans rejoice as weekend breakfast hours bring a delicious start to the day. Saturday and Sunday mornings are special with Del Taco’s tasty offerings. Del Taco opens early to serve breakfast favorites.

Crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, and warm tortillas make up the perfect meal. Various options await, whether you crave sweet or savory. Del Taco ensures a flavorful morning ritual every weekend.

Saturday Breakfast HoursSunday Breakfast Hours
7:00 AM – 11:00 AM7:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Enjoy classics like egg and cheese burritos or try something new. Breakfast burritos with a twist are waiting for you. Gather family and friends for a weekend treat at Del Taco!

Menu Highlights

Del Taco boosts mornings with delicious breakfast options. Breakfast tacos take center stage with fresh ingredients and mouth-watering flavors. Enjoy a stuffed burrito packed with eggs, cheese, and meat, perfect for satisfying morning hunger.

Kick-start the day with varied coffee and beverage choices. Choose from steaming hot coffee to chilled drinks that refresh and energize. Every sip complements the savory breakfast meals.

ItemCalories (Approx.)Features
Fresco Breakfast Burrito340Lighter option, full flavor
Egg & Cheese Muffin280Protein-rich, no meat
Fruit Cup110Fresh, seasonal fruits

Seeking healthier choices? Del Taco serves low-calorie alternatives that taste great. Enjoy Fresco-style burritos or egg & cheese muffins for a lighter morning meal. Grab a fruit cup for a sweet and nutritious snack.

Why Choose Del Taco For Breakfast

Del Taco stands out for its breakfast offerings. Each meal boasts fresh ingredients. Customers savor well-prepared dishes, always made to order. Your morning starts right with these handcrafted treats. Taste buds rejoice with each bite, thanks to the care in preparation.

The balance of affordability with convenience attracts crowds. Del Taco ensures your wallet stays happy. Getting your breakfast won’t disrupt a busy schedule. Service is quick, making sure no one is ever late.

Traditional breakfasts come with a unique Del Taco spin. Fans of classic dishes find comfort here. The twist? Each plate gets a special touch. It’s familiar yet exciting, perfect for kicking off the weekend.

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Frequent Diners’ Thoughts

Dedicated Del Taco fans love their weekend breakfast. Epic Scrambler Burritos top the list, brimming with eggs, cheese, and fresh ingredients. The Breakfast Rollers, packed with zesty flavors, also get a thumbs-up. Guests appreciate the variety of options that cater to different cravings.

Guest feedback highlights the positive service. Many note the staff’s speed and friendliness, even during busy hours. The consistency in food quality maintains Del Taco’s reputation as a go-to place. Some visitors wish for longer hours to enjoy the breakfast menu.

Planning Your Visit

Finding the closest Del Taco is easy. Visit their website and use the store locator. Enter your city or zip code, and a list of nearby Del Taco restaurants will appear. Plan your visit to enjoy their scrumptious breakfast menu. Make sure to check out the latest deals online. Join the Raving Fan eClub or download the Del Taco app. By doing so, you can snag exclusive offers and even earn rewards on your meals. Keep your weekends tasty with Del Taco breakfast delights!

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Frequently Asked Questions For Del Taco Breakfast Hours Weekend

When Does Del Taco Start Serving Breakfast On Weekends?

Del Taco begins its breakfast service during the weekends from 11 AM. This schedule allows for a later morning start, perfect for weekend early birds.

What Time Does Del Taco Breakfast End On Saturday?

On Saturdays, breakfast at Del Taco typically ends at 11 AM. It is advisable to check with your local Del Taco for any variations in closing hours.

Are Del Taco Breakfast Items Available All Day On Sundays?

No, Del Taco breakfast items are not available all day on Sundays. Breakfast usually ends at 11 AM, so plan to visit early to enjoy their breakfast menu.

Can I Order Del Taco Breakfast During Weekdays?

Yes, Del Taco serves breakfast on weekdays, but hours may differ from weekends. It’s best to verify the schedule with the nearest location for weekday breakfast times.


As the weekend approaches, remember Del Taco’s inviting breakfast hours cater to early birds and brunch enthusiasts alike. Their menu, bursting with savory and sweet options, serves up satisfaction for all your morning cravings. So mark your calendar and set the alarm; a delicious Del Taco breakfast awaits to kick-start your weekend right.

Del Taco Breakfast Hours Weekend: Start Your Day Right! - La Silhouette (2024)
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