Inside the UFO mystery of one of America's deadliest roads (2024)

A team of investigators have claimed to have discovered evidence of interdimensional portals under a bridge where a staggering number of drivers have been killed.

Ex-CIA agent Andy Bustamante and journalist Paul Beban, who delve into paranormal and extraterrestrial activity on their show Beyond Skinwalker Ranch, alleged that they found the cause of the mysterious motor deaths.

The bridge, found on the Miller Ranch in Colorado, has seen at least 15 drivers lose their lives, alongside 16 cattle mutilations across the past 25 years.

Using LIDAR ground laser technology, they claimed to find evidence of underground vacuums under the bridge that were highly strange.

In fact, by the end of the episode, a 3-D model of the bridge constructed from the LIDAR had some points located completely underground - something the investigators say might be due to time-slowing anomaly.

A bridge nearby to the Miller Ranch in Colorado has seen over a dozen deaths just a short walk from mysterious cattle mutilations - which a team of investigators claim may be linked to secret 'portals' underground

A3-D model of the bridge constructed from the LIDAR had some points located completely underground - something the investigators say might be due to time-slowing anomaly

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In the show, the team of investigators said the bridge at the ranch is 'one of the deadliest stretches of road in the country, and we just have no idea why.'

They claimed that after using LIDAR technology to survey the ground underneath the bridge, they potentially found 'portals' that could lead to another dimension.

The team also used electromagnetic pulses through the bridge, which they claim were interrupted by radio waves.

Describing the radio waves as 'data packets', they alleged that the frequent pulses may form part of an encrypted message from beyond.

'What's fascinating is that one is electrical energy, one is radio frequency, so there should be no relationship here,' one investigator pointed out.

The bridge came under scrutiny not only because of the high number of deaths, but also its proximity to the cattle ranch where a number of livestock have been mutilated.

At least 16 cattle have been killed and dismembered over the past 25 years, with no explanation. The cows are often found without any blood or tracks around them, missing organs and limbs that have been cut with neat precision.

The experiment came as part of the show's delving into the UFO-hotbed site Skinwalker Ranch in Utah, and claim that unexplained phenomena in other parts of the country are linked to the site.

Scientists found strange radio wave pulses emanating from the bridge when they ran electromagnetic current through it

Describing the radio waves as 'data packets', the investigators alleged that their tests may have uncovered an encrypted message from beyond

In another recent experiment at the Skinwalker Ranch, the group attempted to understand what is causing a radar blip in the middle of Utah wilderness where a number of 'UFOs' have been reported.

The ground penetrating radar (GPR) they used sends radio signals into the ground, but some are also sent up into the sky, enabling the detection of objects that might be lingering above.

The team noted how in the past, when they were scanning the area using GPS, there were times when all data would suddenly be lost, and the GPS signal would give readings that were below the surface of the ranch.

Although the team had been attempting to uncover an underground tunnel that may lie below, the scientists were perplexed when the data they received appeared to have been altered by an unknown force.

In a series of experiments at Skinwalker Ranch, the group used both ground penetrating radar and rockets, they try to determine what may also be causing the electromagnetic disturbance from above

The testing at the ranch comes as Skinwalker Ranch has grown in infamy in recent decades, particularly due to eerie UFO sightings and cattle mutilations.

Rancher Terry Sherman, who bought the property in the '90s, has revealed several mysterious phenomena at the ranch, that spooked him so much that he eventually sold the property and moved his family of four away.

In one instance, Sherman found several heads of his cattle mutilated after purchasing the land in 1996.

Additionally, Sherman witnessed unexplainable encounters, one in which Sherman saw a wolf-like creature three times the size of a normal wolf.

Another researcher saw an bizarre creature with piercing yellow eyes surveilling him from a tree, among other mysterious instances.

The ranch later became the focus of Pentagon investigations into UFOs through programs like the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP).

Inside the UFO mystery of one of America's deadliest roads (2024)
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