Pokeclicker Pikablu (2024)

1. How to get pikablu. - Generation 4 - Project Pokemon Forums

  • Apr 7, 2009 · Said to be either Pikachu evolutions, or to evolve from Raichu. Pikablu/Pikablue - Water. Raiblu - Water. The Raichu version of Pikablu.

  • First,use strength on the truck...

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  • Use the PokeFinder in the water next to the Unknown Dungeon. It should reveal a Poké Ball that talks about a mysterious Pokémon located near Cinnabar Island.

  • Pikablu was an insanely popular and well-known Pokegod that circulated the internet before the release of the short 'Pikachu's Summer Vacation', where it was revealed that Pikablu, (Marill) was just a normal pokemon. Pikablu, also known by the names Pikablue, Ketoblu, blue Mouse and Metablue, is commonly known as the second-most popular PokéGod. It was commonly passed off as an Electric- and Water-type evolution of Pikachu or Raichu, depending on the source. Pikablu soon became a separate Pokémo

Pikablu - PokéGods Wiki - Fandom

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6. How to get Pikablu - Angelfire

  • to get pikablu, code number 1:--Get all 150 POKEMON and and go to MR. PHYSIC'S house. Before you go in have the THREE LEGENDARY BIRDS on the top of you're ...

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Maintenanceplus - All About Everything

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  • The Fossilized Dino is a type of Fossil. It can be used alongside File:Fossilized Bird.png Fossilized Bird and File:Fossilized Fish.png Fossilized Fish at the Fossil Master to purchase Arctozolt and Arctovish, respectively. The Fossilized Dino appears in the Underground as a 4x4 sized object. File:FossilizedDinoMine.png Fossilized Dino can be found in the Underground and traded for with the Hoenn Berry Master.

Fossilized Dino - Pokéclicker Wiki - Fandom

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  • Speed. Statistics. Attempts. Clears. Attempts Remaining. Attempts. Fire! PokéClicker. Poké Balls ? Name, Ball, Qty. Battle Items. 1. Battle Items are disabled.

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Pokeclicker Pikablu (2024)


Where to find Pikablu in Pokeclicker? ›

Use the PokeFinder in the water next to the Unknown Dungeon. It should reveal a Poké Ball that talks about a mysterious Pokémon located near Cinnabar Island. Surf around the right side of Cinnabar Island until you encounter Pikablu.

How to get Hitmonlee in Pokeclicker? ›

Obtain methods:
  1. Dungeons. Dusty Bowl.
  2. Level Evolutions. Tyrogue 🔒
  3. Eggs. Fighting Egg.
  4. Shadow Pokémon. Citadark Isle.

How do you farm diamonds on Pokeclicker? ›

To maximize Diamond gain, study the Daily_Deals in the Underground and trade upwards to get items that are worth more. Heart Scales can usually be sold immediately since there is nothing more valuable (as of 0.5.

What is the red currency in Pokeclicker? ›

Battle Points are the red currency earned from the Battle Frontier that are currently used to buy items from the Battle Frontier Shop, a Furfrou from Parfum Palace in Kalos, and the Fire Memory Disc from Captain Kiawe in the Wela Volcano Park.

What is the fastest way to get Shinies in Pokeclicker? ›

Breeding is the most effective way to obtain Shiny Pokémon. The Farm can be used to increase both the Egg Steps gained by defeating a Pokémon (thus hatching eggs faster) and the Shiny Rate in general.

How to get baby Pokémon in Pokeclicker? ›

<languages/> <translate> When players reach a new region, the pre-evolutions (Baby Pokémon) of certain Pokémon can be obtained by breeding them in the Pokemon Day Care.

How do you get Razz berries in Pokeclicker? ›

Razz is a type of Berry that can be planted in the Farm. It can be obtained by surrounding an empty plot with at least 1 Cheri and at least 1 Leppa.

What is the shiny charm in Pokeclicker? ›

The Shiny Charm is a type of Oak Item. When equipped, it increases the probability of encountering a shiny Pokémon (this includes in the wild, in dungeons, in gyms, hatching eggs, etc.). The Shiny Charm is unlocked after catching 70 unique Pokémon.

Where is the farm in Pokeclicker? ›

The Farm is a location in Kanto where Berries can be planted. Harvesting them yields Farming Points and more of the same type of Berry. Occasionally, mutations can occur when Berries are planted in certain configurations. The Farm is unlocked upon reaching Kanto Route 14 and obtaining the Wailmer pail.

Where is the cave of origin in Pokeclicker? ›

On the West of Route 126, Northwest of Sootopolis City. Cave of Origin is a dungeon in Hoenn.

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